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Yes! We have opened the doors again. It's a bit of a faff to get in and see us, but you can!

For the time being we can offer tests again, but with a caveat., We can only see you if you really need to be seen. We aren't allowed to offer routine testing, so if it's just a case of you haven't had a test for a while but you can manage, then please wait a little while.

If you really need it though, we can see you on Wednesday's at the moment with some restrictions. We are testing hourly so that we don't get a build up of people in the tiny practice and have time to clean between each test.

For repairs, collecting specs, new specs or what not, give us a call and we'll find a time that works for you so we can see you and get things sorted out.

We are open on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10 to 4. This will change as and when our floppy haired overlord allows it!


Come and visit us:

Bramley Pope Opticians
35 St Stephens Street
Bristol BS1 1JX

See something you like?

Please come and visit us in our central Bristol shop

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