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As you know, we like Seiko lenses. They are fantastic quality and we think they represent good value for money too. How do you make that better?

Free upgrades!!

For the rest of 2017 you can have a Double Aspheric lens for the price you would normally pay for an Aspheric lens!

So, what does that mean and why should you be interested?

This is mainly going to of interest if you are a high prescription or if you have a lot of astigamtism. You'll likely have had your lenses thinned down in the past and that would have probably been done with a high index lens that was aspheric. Aspheric lenses are great, they are thinner and lighter than spherical lenses, but they do tend to have some blurring at the edge of the lens so your peripheral vision is a little bit compromised.

A Double Aspheric doesn't have this problem, you get clear vision from edge to edge and with all the benefit of a thinner, lighter lens as well so it's a win/win really!

So what do you save? On average a Double Aspheric lens is usually about 35 to 40 quid more per pair than a pair of Aspheric lenses.

Here's a link to the Seiko page that will explain this all in a more technical manner if you want to know how it all works, or as ever, pop in and talk to Philippa or Mark and they can chat to you about it.


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