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Our Sight test is around about 30- 35 minutes and includes tonometry, fields tests and retinal imaging, when required.This costs £37.00 but it is well worth talking to your HR Department or boss and seeing if you can claim that back.

A contact lens check will include any and all trial lenses that are needed and all after care appointments are included in the £39.00. We don't try to tie you down to ordering lenses every month and we don't typically do direct debit schemes. You order and pay for however many lenses you need.

Our frames start from around 75 quid and go up to about 450 for some of the Lindberg frames. All of the frames are bought by Philippa and Mark and we try to make sure we buy something that is interesting and different.

Spectacle lenses start from £69 for single vision, basic, uncoated plastic lenses or we can do coated for £99 for unbranded or £130 for Seiko with their excellent 12 month guarantee.

Varifocals are a bit more tricky to put a ball park figure on but if you give us a call or pop in we can sit and talk about them and work it out with you.



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