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The sight test fee for a private test is (from February 1st 2018) £36 and we also offer Contact Lens checks for £38. The contact lens fee covers trial lenses and after care, so no hidden costs!

Are you valid for an NHS test, does your employer run a voucher scheme that we belong to, or do they reimburse you because you work on a computer for them? It's worth looking into.

You are valid for an NHS test if you are:

In full time education and under 19

If you receive income support

Income based job seekers allowance

Income related employment and support allowance

Pension credit guarantee credit

Tax credit

Have an HC2 certificate

Registered blind/partially sighted

Suffer from diabetes/glaucoma

Considered to be at risk of glaucoma

Over 40 and are parent/brother/sister/child of a person who has/had glaucoma

A prisoner on leave

Been prescribed complex lenses.

Don't forget, we aren't just testing your sight and how you see but also doing many other checks that can tell us about your general health. We can check for hypertension, diabetes, glaucoma, dry eyes and a myriad of other small things.

So make that appointment, you know you're worth it.


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