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If you suffer from dry eyes, your visual acuity, the way that you see, tends to suffer.

So you sit at work glued to the computer, in a bubble of static, and you don't blink. Is it ever a wonder that you have dry eyes?

To help solve the problem you can do one of the following:

Get 2 cotton wool pads, dip in previously boiled warm water, partially squeeze out, lay them on your eyelids and massage the lids very gently to encourage the glands to get working again.

Or you can buy a Thera Pearl mask, whack it in the microwave for the recommended time, lie back on the bed and wait for flatmate/partner/room service to serve gin/wine/beer.

If either of the above don't help, book an appointment with one of our lovely optoms who will check your tear flow etc and suggest drops or other help.


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