What days can we test your eyes?

We mainly test every Tuesday and Wednesday. There are the odd weeks where this will differ, due to holidays and what not, but we'll try to keep you in the loop when that happens.

So, you can call us on 0117 930 0035 or email or use the...



So, you like the look of us but you want to know what it will cost?

Our Sight test is around about 30- 35 minutes and includes tonometry, fields tests and retinal imaging, when required.This costs £37.00 but it is well worth talking to your HR Department or boss and seeing if you can claim that back.

A contact lens check will...



Our Collection of Your Data and How we Use It.

In line with the new Data Protection laws coming into effect I thought that it was worthwhile just popping a note on here about how we handle your data and information.

We have to take things like your address and telephone number so that we can contact you...



Wondering what we're all about?

We had a new film shot to show the practice off and let people know who we are and what we do. If you have a couple of minutes, take a look!...




We are very selective with our frame choices. Philippa and Mark pick everything that is displayed on the shelf or that is in stock.

Have a look at the frame section of the website to see the kind of things we keep in...



A bit about opening and testing.

Opening times are 9.30am to 5.45 pm Monday to Thursday and as it's poets day on Friday we close at 5.30. We open every 2nd Saturday of the month (keep an eye on the website for clinics), but please contact us if you need some other time, we'll do our best to...



Discount for NHS Staff.

If you have an NHS badge then you qualify for 10% discount on all spectacles. Sort of brief and to the point!...



Bramley Pope, all over the Internet!

You can check out news feed on Twitter and Facebook. It tends to be a bit random on Twitter, no tweets for a week then , like buses, three come along at once.

Facebook is usually showing new frames that we have in, and the...



Cases, cloths, all the little things!

This is just a reminder that we do have useful accessories, like chains, cloths- including washable really big microfibre cloths, cans of cleaner to clean the grease off your coated lenses, cases in bright colours so they can be found in the bottom of that...



Bristol Pounds

Yes, we are still helping the local economy by taking Bristol Pounds via text2pay. So any £B left over from paying your council tax......



Are you in front of a screen all day, not able to sleep at night?

Ever wondered why your sleep seems more disturbed these days? Why you seem to get a few more headaches? So ruling out the obvious pub related activites, it could be all those wonderful digital devices that we have to hand every single day.

Blue light keeps the...



Experiencing Dry Eyes?

If you suffer from dry eyes, your visual acuity, the way that you see, tends to suffer.

So you sit at work glued to the computer, in a bubble of static, and you don't blink. Is it ever a wonder that you have dry eyes?

To help solve the problem you can do one of...



Zeiss Lens Wipes.

You know when you've just put on your moisturiser and your mobile rings. You put it to your ear and moisturise the phone too. There is an answer to this along with sorting out the greasy finger marks on your tablet, specs and laptop.

Line all offending...



Specialised lenses for desk based tasks.

See our lenses page to see how a more specialised lens can help with tired eyes, headaches and general work malaise.

We also offer a great coating option from Seiko that blocks Blue Light that is emitted from your screen and may mess with your sleep pattern.



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