From our suppliers we have selected a few of the very best they have to offer. We are constantly updating information regarding the latest advances in lens technology to ensure the best possible lens performance for your prescription so call to talk to us; we are here to advise.
Being an independent optician we are able to source the most suitable lens design and material from a wide range of manufacturers.


Did you know that when you say the word ‘SEIKO’ you are speaking Japanese? In Japan the word means ‘precision’ and this is exactly what you get when experiencing any SEIKO product. SEIKO offers many single vision options with unique designs to correct myopia, astigmatism and hyperopia. All SEIKO lenses are thin & light providing excellent optics.

Seiko Lifestyle Lenses

Ever felt that by the end of the day that not only are you overworked but so are your eyes?
It could be you need extensive vision lenses. This lifestyle lens has an integrated near vision function to provide clear comfortable vision for longer and is recommended to those of us having difficulty with extended periods of near vision tasks and who feel that by the end of the day the discomfort in the eyes changing from near vision tasks to far distance becomes more difficult.
Come and talk to us and we can recommend the best lens to help you through to the end of the day.

Seiko Lifestyle Lenses (part 2)

For someone who uses there specs mainly indoors and hasn't a need for a distance correction, for example in the office environment, Seiko Indoor will address the need for a wider intermediate and reading area that isn't available in the standard progressive lenses.
So if you want to be able to see the person opposite you, see your screen and read that text on your mobile, these are ideal.
They work in meetings, watching TV and suchlike and tried and tested by both our Optometrists and a GP friend.
What are you waiting for?

Seiko Lifestyle Lenses (part 3)

Seiko Computer Extra takes the strain from your eyes.
On average, a PC user completes about 30,000 eye movements a day between screen, keyboard and documents and these lenses provide relief for aching eye muscles and symptoms of eye strain.
The near correction is concentrated in the lower part of the lens and provides large viewing fields for both screen and documents without having to swop specs or fidget with them.
The advantage over standard progressive lenses is the lager viewing areas, very smooth power transition and reduced distortion. They may even qualify for some help from your employer, but check with them first.

Carl Zeiss

So you hadn't thought about glass lenses. They can be useful for all sorts of reasons. Single Vision Glass Lenses are now available from Carl Zeiss in many different versions.
Depending on the power you need, lenses made of different materials are available to provide you with an optimum pair of glasses with the thinnest, lightest lenses possible.


Since its launch in 1959, Varilux has gone from strength to strength in terms of design and innovation. The Varilux range of lenses, protected by many patents, has been incredibly successful. Varilux lenses meet the needs of every presbyopic customer, no matter what their lifestyle and visual requirements are.

Varilux lenses provide ever more effective visual acuity, with more natural vision that better suits each individual's personality.

Varilux S Series

Sounds like a super car but it's a varifocal lens with Nanoptix, Essilor's manufacturing process which has evolved to ensure the highest accuracy and quality. During the calculations for the S series, Nanoptix entirely re-engineers the fundamental structure of both lenses to reduce the 'swim' effect

NuPolar polarized lenses

NuPolar lenses; possibly the most comfortable sunglass lens you will ever wear, they cut out UVA and UVB and give total glare protection. Just fab for activities on or around snow or water and there is less squinting and crows feet... that has to be a bonus


We are all being told that UV is harmful to the skin and we need to wear sunscreen to help protect against burning. What isn't so obviously compelling is the need to protect your eyes. Transitions lenses will take away the need to hunt for your sunspectacles because the lenses change according to the amount of UV in the light around us. Easy isn't it.

Transitions Adaptive lenses

Transitions Signature V11 everyday adaptive lenses are ideal for customers who:
require clear lenses indoors and at night
go outdoors at different times of the day
and so these lenses are more responsive in more situations, providing the perfect combination of darkness, fast fade back speed and indoor clarity, thanks to the new technology of Chromea 7

Transitions Xtractive everyday are ideal for customers who live or travel in sunny places or spend a lot of time driving:
because they retain a slight tint indoors enhancing their all day comfort
because they are the darkest everyday Transitions ever, even in hot temperatures.

Drivewear lenses

Drivewear lenses are for those who drive; you need the adaptive qualities of Transitions but those pesky reflections off wet roads or the backs of hatchbacks need curtailing too. This is where Drivewear comes into it's own. It gives you the combination of polarisation and photochromics combined. Sorted.


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