We make our choice of frame manufacturer to reflect our practice and ourselves. The selection is a little different and is a sign of our individuality and independence. Designer frames are not essential, but good materials, comfort and fit are.


Founded in 1980, Lindberg has researched titanium materials to come up with typical lean Scandinavian design , functionality that means lightness and a philosophy of comfort; the design is added value.

Born on the coast of California in 2006, SALT. combines the best of custom materials and Japanese Craftsmanship to create the finest in premium eyewear. The brand draws its inspiration from Nature’s effortless beauty, appearing simple on the surface yet consisting of a complex process perfected over time. The Sea, The Air, The Land and their Timeless connection. Our mission is to capture this inspiration and infuse it into our product. All of nature’s beautiful shapes, details and colors. And like the inspiration itself and its unique moment in time, each piece of SALT. eyewear has its own fingerprint, finished by the hands of third generation Japanese artisans. SALT.s design language is timeless, remaining relevant as near term trends come and go. SALT. is a brand for anyone who appreciates simple things made well.

Modo Eyewear
MODO was born in 1990 in Soho, New York, under the entrepreneurial spirit of its founder, Alessandro Lanaro. Since its beginning, MODO has evolved into a company that designs, manufactures, and distributes a successful portfolio of house, designer, and contemporary lifestyle brands – all under the common denominator of design and innovation.

Our brands include MODO, ECO, Derek Lam, 10 Crosby, and several others. MODO is a global company, with offices in New York, Milano, and Stockholm.

Today, MODO drives the eyewear industry’s effort in sustainability and social responsibility. With initiatives such as producing frames with 95% recycled content or biobased materials (our ECO brand), planting a tree for every frame a customer purchases (ECO’s “One Frame – One Tree”), or giving free spectacles to those in need (MODO’s “Buy a Frame – Give a Frame”), MODO is a pioneer in merging style and purpose.

Etnia Barcelona
Etnia... a decade in colour

Lafont Eyewear

Ninety years experience, unparalleled expertise with an emphasis on elegance and strong family values- all backed by a name you can depend on: Lafont Glasses made in France that have made Parisian Chic accessible.



Discreet and elegant eyewear designed to fit your personality.
Quietly elegant and innovative by design, Moleskine Eyewear includes a full range of frames, reading glasses, and sunglasses, as well as a selection of accessories and cases.
Like all Moleskine objects and services, Moleskine Eyewear is built around the needs of creatives and professionals, enabling everyday life on the move and empowering self-expression.
With a clean and distinctive look and feel and a seamless connection to the Moleskine ecosystem, this collection is designed to enable you to work, connect and create on the move.

CCS by Coco Song

CCS is from the Coco Song family of frames. Designed for a younger wearer, these are lighter in weight and look, as the temples feature the unique Coco Song feathers but the fronts are made from hand made acetate. With Spring Summer colours, it is a fresh approach from ‘The Most Beautiful Frames in the World'.

Roger Eye Design
About me...
Roger Eye Design is founded in 2007 by Roger Hoppenbrouwers.
Roger started RED from an optician’s point of view, with over 25 years of experience and a nose for trends.
Because of the overall standard sizes by the big design houses, he bumped into a shortage of smaller- and “progressive” sizes.
Well...a simple solution for a creative mind.
A new brand was born “ROGER “.
The “ROGER “ collection is an easy and fashionable eyewear collection with soft shapes, exciting colors and high quality materials, made according to the newest techniques.
Simple shapes put into an exciting frame.
“ROGER “ is here to stay for a long time and will develop his own trend and fashion for every face.
As one of few Dutch eye-designers of the Netherlands, “ROGER “ is a brand to take into account.
“ROGER “ watch me go...



A unique material mix of carbon fibre and wood in one glasses frame.
It’s a fine balance of opposites. Super strong, ultra-light, carbon fibre vs. the organic textures of natural wood.


Introducing NIFTIES

International studies show that more than 10% of the adult population has a small pupil distance (PD). So far, the availability of suitable fitting frames for these individuals has been limited and that is why we introduce NIFTIES.

The new NIFTIES frames are exclusively designed to fit adults with fine facial features. The name NIFTIES means stylish and smart, something good and clever. And this is how we see our new brand.

Face a Face
With a strong emphasis on acetate, the collection reinterprets in its own way the major trends of this season. Very 50s and ultra feminine cat-eye shapes, 80s oversized graphic designs , or softer shapes for men or women... they are sometimes enriched with decorative or functional metal parts.

Anglo American
Staying true to our 120 years of experience in eyewear, we carry a full line of classic frames that embody the spirit of an earlier era.
Our factory will reproduce individual frames for you based on your exact specifications.

Booth & Bruce
Booth & Bruce eyewear was born in the 1990's out of a desire to see an English brand deliver funky, fashionable frames to the more forward thinking eyewear connoisseur.

Since those initial collections, Booth & Bruce eyewear has grown into the globally recognised brand we know and love today, while keeping its roots firmly grounded in the ethos, and ideals that were there from the start.

A collaboration of urban chic, and daring design, mixed with colour schemes to push boundaries, Booth & Bruce will continue to serve eyewear realness on a global scale.

Today, by the constant evolution of our designs, Booth & Bruce continues to provide modern, stylish, and ultimately funky frames, to the modern, stylish and funky wearer!

ProDesign is devoted to understanding the face. This means – our focus is more on the synergy that arises between face and frame than on the frame design itself. Taking as our starting point facial knowledge, trends, innovation and a
conceptual approach, we create eyewear that highlights the finest qualities of the face.

We were founded in 1973 and now combine the qualities of a young, dynamic design company with more than 40 years of experience in the business. Many of the key personnel at the company are qualified opticians, so we always base our work on in-depth knowledge of both the opticians’ profession and retail sector conditions. This has helped us create strong relations with our customers and build up a well-deserved reputation for ‘face-friendly’ eyewear, efficient logistics and reliable after-sales service.

The total Preciosa collection consists of approximately 30 models in 40 colors, most of these completely made of synthetic materials and additionally a number of metal and combined models. Preciosa spectacles can be recognized by the fit, the details, the classical latch hinges, the use of cellulose-acetate plates and the finish. The Dutch fit and the relatively long standard temples are characteristic. We fix the synthetic rim on the combined synthetic-metal models with a golden ‘’straw’’ to the spectacles.

In the Netherlands, Preciosa VINTAGE EYEWEAR can be found at the high-end opticians.

Philippe Starck
With a retro design that follows the brand, Biocity are made ultra comfortable thanks to the biolink, an exclusive micro-articulation inspired by the human clavicle and its multidirectioal freedom.

Volte Face

The Founder of VOLTE FACE, as well as its creative director, Fabienne Coudray-Meisel brings her keen, personal insights to the chic and slightly curious world of high-end eyewear. Her original collections, standout designs and material pairing reflect a subtle sense of luxury. Her exquisite detailing, sculptural forms, sublime materials and delicate color schemes set VOLTE FACE apart from all other lines.

For each new collection, the designer has a very special way of using volumes, colours, textures and materials. The models are designed and worked like exceptional items of jewellery. Made entirely in France, they are a tribute to the great French eyewear tradition.

A reflection of colors, style, life and fun, Glossi brings new light to an eyewear.

Glossi is created to show that eyewear need not be a boring accessory, nor solely for vision correction. It elevates the eyewear spirit to reflect style, fun and energy.

Wear a pair of Glossi to feel Happy. Wear it with an attitude and confidence. We know every wearer will make Glossi shine with their confidence and beauty.

Glossi is not only limited to look and style. We spend time and effort in the Research & Development of our own trademarked material, NCP™, our patented hand-stitch locking system that accentuate the wearing comfort.

Glossi will always put you in the forefront of fashion. We love the word Avant-garde in this instant !

Blackfin Eyewear
Comfort and design weighing only 2.4 grams.
Blackfin redefines the concepts of lightness and strength.
A meeting of technology, volumes and design, weighing only 2.4 grams. Eyewear with a strong personality and style, so light and comfortable you hardly know it’s there.

We always buy our raw titanium from the best Japanese producers and we always shape this extraordinary material in Italy, knowing how to take advantage of every feature.
Titanium is as resistant as steel, but 40% lighter.
It is a technological material light-weight, durable, biocompatible, non-toxic and non-allergenic.

Wolf Eyewear
An innovative range of frames that offer high quality at a sensible price. The WOLF frame collection are all light in weight, the the greatest respect for ergonomics..... and how could we resist, being next to the famous Mr Wolfs :)

J F Rey
J.F. Rey

Innovative, trend defying eyewear for men and women

Since its UK launch in 2006, J.F.Rey has continued its rapid output of innovative, award winning and trend defying frames to become one of the most internationally acclaimed eyewear brands.

Jean-François Rey is a creator without peer, who for more than a decade has displayed marked inventiveness in pushing the boundaries of eyewear design. Inspired as much by art as the technical world, his creations set new standards in eyewear design. The result is a strong, exuberant collection that sets trends rather than follows them – wearable and innovative frames.


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